My family name is Knowles-Coursin. It means little other than the fact that my mother - a Knowles - and father - a Coursin - brought their names together when they made me.

They then gave me the name Mackenzie.

I am a photographer.

I'm a photographer, in large part, because I have many questions I'm not equipped to answer myself. A camera allows me to be with people and explore some of those questions in a way I appreciate.

I'm interested in being with people as they grapple with change. 

The interplay and synergy between identity and place are of particular interest. 

How does a family adapt when the community they were once knit into cease to exist? What traditions from old lives do they recreate in the new?

How do notions of identity change when one must leave her home, country, culture? What does he cling to? What does she assimilate?

These questions frequently move me to places of economic and physical conflict. Places where people are navigating loss and pursuing hope. Places where lives are in flux and people must choose. Priorities and beliefs seem closer to the surface there. 

I'm interested in truths that rest in those spaces. I believe something vital and enduring is there even when the surrounding landscape says otherwise. 

I'm interested in doing my best to tell stories from that space.

Such work has been published in print and online in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy Magazine, Al Jazeera, Christian Science Monitor, The Guardian, The Telegraph, NBC, and BBC among others.

I graduated from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor of Science in Geography, focusing on geopolitics, race and immigration. I minored in Biology, with a focus on ecology.

I speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently, Mandarin proficiently, and can order up a handful of meals in Arabic and Kinyarwanda.

I am based in Istanbul, Turkey and available for assignments worldwide.

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