We pass by.

And you see me see you or I see you not seeing me. And that’s funny. Because there’s no point, no nothing, except the entirety of two lives crashing past. 

And I would stop to say hello.

Share some tea.

Light your cigarette.

But I’m here in this car. Moving. 

And so we move on, you and I.

Lives so quickly gone.

Glancing. A smile, a nod, a question.

Nothing more.

And maybe that is the forever of it all. A glance and nothing more. You as gone as I. Two lives. One skipping moment of connection. One peek, brightly cast into another, a life that is all its own. That is all I have ever been.

Because here we are now. You there, me here, living as we have. As we will. Until we don’t.

But I saw you. Then and there.

I saw us. That fleeting moment of our lives.



And that is all. And that is everything.